The Department of Jewellery Designing came into existence in 2005 with a mission to provide quality education with practical experience to the female youths of the society. This Department started Undergraduate programme in 2010. The department is well equipped with laboratory.

The vision is to groom the students and grow highly trained professionals in jewellery industry, to be able to adapt to the industrial environment, as well as incorporate entrepreneurial skills to sustain their desire to design and to provide career options to people

We prepare and groom students for a highly rewarding career in Jewellery design not only encompassing the manual and CAD design but also the technical know how in terms of Gold Smithing and Gemology. With the coming up of international jewellery brands in India the sector is becoming highly organized and requires skilled professionals. To fill in the lacuna between the industry and students this course emphasizes on the hands on practical & industry training extending the boundaries of classroom by shifting students for onsite training at the hub of small scale industry, also manufacturing of prototypes at the in-house manufacturing workshops

  • Mission:

To impart a high level of systematic education in jewellery design, gemology and manufacturing so as to improve the quality of the Indian jewellery product at par with international standards. Furthermore, to understand and to bring awareness in Jewellery Design Concept, to introduce to the world Indian Jewellery and Western Designs for the Indian market as well as for export purposes, as there is an enormous potential for exports, creating employment opportunities. In other words,

To provide the facilities and enabling environment for Teaching, Research, Skills and Entrepreneurship Training in Creative, Industrial and Commercial Arts and Technology towards the fulfillment of National Goal of industrialization and self reliance.

  • Objectives:

The objective of the Department is to create a world-class professional manpower talent pool for the fast growing Indian Jewellery Sector. At the core of the university’s activity is its commitment to education.

  • To prepare students for meaningful employment and job creation in the Gems and Jewellery related industries that would facilitate the country’s goal of self-reliance.
  • To  Provide integrated academic and liberal studies in various forms to meet the varying needs of students and society.
  • To develop broad creative technical education and training in Gems and Jewellery industries
  • To develop adequate practical and entrepreneurial skills training to enable graduates participate fully in the social and economic development of the nation.