Established in the year 2005, the department of Jewellery Designing offers an opportunity to the students for developing new approaches in designing and making jewellery that are more attractive and speculative. A robust and challenging academic experience is delivered incrementally in order to foster confidence in practical, technical and conceptual development of jewellery and students are encouraged to evolve individual directions and philosophies of designing within a structured academic framework and constructive learning environment.


An integrate course B.Sc.  Jewellery Design & Technology is being offered at undergraduate level and COSD courses, aims to transform the students into a  high order professionals combining creativity, entrepreneurship, technology and market awareness. The main focus is to benefit the industry at large by creating professionals and entrepreneurs. The course has been planned in a very precise and systematic manner, assimilating all the aspects of design, entrepreneurship, soft skills developments & manufacturing technology. The study programme is a unique blend of academics, creativity and complete packaging to train students to become professional jewellery designer. 

It focuses on the development of practical skills and the expansion of design ideas. The programme is project-based, with many live industry projects which provide insight of professional jewellery context. Which are supported by lectures, practical, seminars, demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions, field study visits, projects etc.  The course develops cultural, business and professional awareness as well as communication skills. Work becomes increasingly self-directed through the course.

Students professionally trained in jewellery designing  are expected to establish themselves as professional designers/makers, work in the jewellery industry as producers or retailers, in small group practices or work in designer fashion houses or export houses. Many may establish themselves as design entrepreneurs, freelance designers and consultants