“Interactive session with foreign students”

Date : 17.10.2013

Venue :      Clothing Lab

Activity :    Interactive session with Foreign students

A interactive session with foreign students and B.Sc. Fashion Technology Vth  sem.  students, was held in Department of Fashion & Textile Technology. Marie Northnp and Katie cornell, were research scholar and under graduate students of  St. Laurence university and Hobart + willian smith colleges from U.S.A. Students visited Fashion Technology department, the IIS university to research about various textiles motifs of Rajasthan. They had an interactive session with students of B.Sc. Fashion Technology Vth sem., where the foreign students cleared there concepts and doubts about their relative studies. Students shared their knowledge about various traditional motifs, colors, printing and dyeing techniques used in textiles of Rajasthan.

This interactive session proved to be a learning experience for the students as they got to know about foreign exchange programme, learning pattern of foreign institutions, their views about India and its culture.