beading art workshop for the students of Pennstate university.



Report : beading art workshop

Date                 :       01st August2017

Time         :       9.30a.m.  to 11.00 a.m.

Organized for (Target Group): students of Pennstate university



The department of Jewellery designing organized a jewellery beading workshop for the students of Pennstate university on the 1st of August,2017.

In the beginning of the session, Dr. Neeru Jain, Head of Department of Jewellery designing, IISU, introduced the students with the beading process, tools and materials.This also  involved the planning and practice of techniques, types, size and colour combination of the beads as well as beading designs.

The faculties and Bsc-JDT final year students, helped the students of Penn state in learning different techniques involved in the process. The students were provided with all the tools and various semi-precious stones such as carved and plain jade, garnet, and iolite, turquoise & pearl,glass stones,etc.

Within the short span of time the students learned the technical skills including use of the various pliers, threading, knotting and stringing. They made necklaces, bracelets, earrings in this session.All the products beaded by the Penn state students were gifted to them by the jewelry department. They were quite friendly and interactive. Additionally, they were happy to be a part of this session as they could make the little jewellery items for themselves as well as their family and friends.