Fashion Show-‘CREATIONS 14’


Fashion Show-‘CREATIONS 14’


Department of Fashion & Textile Technology had organised its 5th Annual Fashion Show “CREATIONS-2014” on 30th Jan 2014 at B.M. Birla Auditorium, Jaipur. Students are offered a platform for exposure, enabling new emerging models & designers to showcase their talent & gain exposure. In order to boost up their confidence, prizes were given in the following category:

  • Special Jury Award- won by Ms Ayushee Chawda (Fashion Designer) for her theme Creative Resurrection
  • Emerging Designer of the Year- Ms. Harshika Bhatnagar (Fashion Designer) , Ms. Poonam Lalwani & Ms. Shruti Garg ( Jewellery Designers) for their theme Anti Podes
  • Haute Couture- Ms. Poonam Khanna (Fashion Designer) for her theme Splendid Mariposa.
  • Avant Grade- Ms. Roli Jalan (Fashion Designer) for her theme Flares and Flames


Guest of Honour for the event was Ms. Sangita Singh Kathiwada, Fashion Designer, Mumbai and Special Guest was Mr. Jagdish Chandra, ETV Head, Hindi & Urdu Channels.

Judges were :

Ms. Kshitija Rana, Fashion Designer, Rana Saree Centre, Jaipur

Ms. Aruna Singh, Fashion Designer, Jaipur

Ms. Sonali Sharma, Fashion Designer, Jaipur  


Thirteen rounds were showcased which were created & presented by the students of Fashion & Textile Technology Department. The rounds were:

  • Indian Belleza
  • Sterling Silver
  • Rangoli Ramp
  • Creative Resurrection
  • Midas Touch
  • Baroque
  • Anti Podes
  • Riding the Red Wave
  • Femme Fatae
  • Scintillating Pearl
  • Splendid Mariposa
  • Neon Flasher
  • Flares and Flames