Guest Lecture –Ms. reema Gurudatta

Organizing Department: Jewellery Designing


Date                 :       18th July  2017

Venue       :       A.V Hall

Topic        :       History of Jewellery ancient to present

Speaker    :      Ms. Reema Gurudatta

(Director Aphena animation academy, Jaipur)

Guest Lecture on Properties of gemstones and Design Development

A guest Lecture was organized by the Jewellery Designing Department on “History of Jewellery ancient to present” on 18thJuly 2017.  Ms. Reema Gurudatta (Director Aphena animation academy, Jaipur) delivered her lecture on History of Jewellery to provide students with the education and experience necessary for a professional career in Jewellery designing.

In the beginning session she introduced the students with ancient history including Egyptian period Renaissance period Roman and Greek period jewellery. She also told the various motifs and type of jewellery worn during Art Deco period Art Nouveau period Victorian period, Mughal period. She focused both on International and Indian history.

The purpose of this lecture was to make aware students   as to how the motifs and elements from the past can be used to make present day jewellery designs She answered different queries after the lecture. This was an informative experience for the students of Jewellery Designing.

Organized for (Target Group): The students of Bsc. Jewellery Design & Technology, BA/BCom./Bsc. Elective Jewellery Design & Technology & COSD Jewellery Designing(Certificate & Diploma course & Advance Diploma Course).