Jewellery Exhibition

The IIS University provides B.Sc.-Jewelelry Design and Technology UG  course  which enables students to expertise in creative  field. The department of Jewellery designing organized a Jewellery Exhibition on 24th March 2017 in Srijan hall at The IIS university,  which was open for all teachers and students.


During the exhibition, the students got the opportunity to display the beautiful pieces like necklace, bracelet, earrings etc made by them.


The students showed their creativity and unique designs by the use of scrap material i.e jute, fabric, leather, tiles, gotta, paper, wood, plastic scraps  according to their interest and they also create beautiful jewellery through jewellery beading art with use of precious and semi precious stones jewellery made by beading art. The attractive jewellery items were liked by one and all.

Dr. Neeru Jain, Head, Department of Jewellery designing, ICG supported a lot and guided the students in planning and organizing the exhibition.

Dr. Rakhi Gupta, Registrar  inaugurated and encouraged all the students who participated enthusiastically in the Jewellery Exhibition.


Exhibition provided a platform to students to display their creativity and to show their unique creations to the fraternity.