Textile Guild

Textile Guild Activities Conducted

(Session 2013-14)


16th March 2013

Visit to Ocean Collection under Supervision of Ms.Sunetra Datt


10th August 2013

T-shirt Designing by use of Various Textures by Ms. Sunetra Datt


14th September 2013

Development of Various Tie & Dye Techniques on scarves by Ms. Isheeta Chaturvedi


9th October 2013

Block Printing methods on Bedsheet & Handbags by Ms. Sunetra Datt


21st December 2013

Demonstration on Screen Printing by Ms. Sunetra Datt









Annual Report of Textile Guild of Session 2013-14


     Textile guild was founded with aim to enhance the creative skills of the students and to interpret those skills on fabrics. The objectives of Textile Guild are to organize various activities for students to promote their aesthetic sense towards design and colour.

Date : 16th  March 2013                                                        

Venue : Ocean Collection Export House, Jaipur

A visit to Ocean Collection Export House was conducted under the supervision of Ms Sunetra Datt, Assistant Professor, and Textile Technology Department. Students got the opportunity to observe the various types of fabrics and designs prepared at the export house.

A variety of bedsheets, upholstery, bathroom accessories were displayed at the export house. Students got an exposure to the variety of materials available and how various designs can be used and mixed to develop a good products range.


Date : 10th August 2013                                               

T-shirt designing by use of various textures

As a part of textile guild, T-shirt Designing activity was conducted in Textile lab by Ms. Sunetra Datt. By use of various 3D colors and materials like fabric waste, paper scraps, variety of threads, etc. the activity seemed to be very innovative as the students came up with their innovative ideas and they experimented with the colors and materials available with them. The activity saw a high energy and enthusiasm in the students and turned to be a very productive session in all



Date : 14th September 2013                                         

Development of scarfs through tie & dye method

As a part of textile guild, Development of scarfs through tie & dye method

was conducted in Textile lab by Ms. Isheeta Chaturvedi . Various methods of tie & dye like lehariya, knotting, marbeling, tritik, shibori, cord, etc. were taught using two color in direct dye on cotton fabric. Students also used various material like cereals, pulses, all pins, hair pins, ice- cream sticks to develop various textures on the fabric. Tie & dye is a method to play with various materials and objects available and to develop new designs and textures. It was a great learning experience and activity for the students.


Date : 9th October 2013                            

Venue : Printing Lab (A-403)

Ms. Sunetra Datt conducted the guild activity on Block Printing mehods on bedsheet & Handbags. Ms.Datt gave demonstration using different types of Block Design and colors. In the activity, she explained the techniques as what rules are to be followed while doing block printing on bedsheets and handbags Students developed the articles by using two colored as well as mixed colored effect by using block printing. Students learnt to prepare the dye paste and how to develop a correct printing on a fabic.


Date : 21st December 2013                       

Venue : Printing Lab (A-403)

A demonstration of ‘Screen printing’ was given by Ms. Sunetra Datt, Asstt. Prof. giving the history and significance of designs. Ms.Datt gave demonstration using different types of Design and color. In her demonstration, she explained the techniques as how to apply color using screen as a printing method. Students developed the various samples using beautiful designs. Students learnt to make products from Jute material, which was a new creative product they also develop a vision for recycling and reusing through this activity.


] Teachers Co-ordinaters

  • Ms. Sunetra Datt
  • Ms. Isheeta Chaturvedi