Visit : Amber Fort

A visit to Amber Fort

Organizing Department : Jewellery Designing

Date                 :       29/08/2016, saturday

Time         :       9.30a.m.  to 2.30 p.m.

Venue       :       Amber Fort a Historical place


An educational visit was organized for the students of B.Sc. Jewellery Design & technology, B.A./B.Com. /B.Sc. Jewellery Design & technology, to Amber Fort, Jaipur on 28 August 2016. Amber Fort is a historical palace built with an excellent architecture. From pillars to walls and domes every corner of the palace is beautifully crafted and sculpted by the artisans of that era. The carving on the walls, ceiling  and pillars were extreme sight of inspiration for designers like us. Paintings handcrafted by the painters in the fort gives an artistic look to the building and designers can make numerous jewellery designs from those paintings. Students minds were widened with new ideas and broader perspective on how our surroundings and historical palaces can be a great source of inspiration.


This visit was conducted with the aim to gain the inspiration for designing from historical monuments.  The visit proved to be beneficial exercise for all the students as it was completely knowledgeable for future perspective.

Dr. Neeru Jain , HOD & Asstt. Prof .  and Ms. Rekha Bedi faculty of Jewellery designing accompanied the students and enhanced the knowledge of students and made them aware about different stages of Jewellery designing with artistic Hindu style elements of amber fort. It inspires us for designing Indian jewellery. Its architecture is so beautiful having many carving and eye catching art work.  Such types of visits are an inspiration for the students to enhance their ability and creativity.



Organized for: The students of Bsc. Jewellery Design & Technology,

BA/BCom./Bsc. Elective Jewellery Design & Technology & COSD Jewellery





Organized by: DR. Neeru Jain

Organizing Department : Jewellery Designing