A visit to Gyan Museum Jaipur

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Visit – A Report

A visit to Gyan Museum Jaipur


Organizing Department : Jewellery Designing

Date                 :       18/1/2020, saturday

Time         :       12:00 noon  to 2.00 p.m.

Venue       :       Gem & Jewellery Zone, Sitapura, Jaipur.


Department of Jewellery Designing

Department of Jewellery Designing organized a visit to Gyan Museum, Jaipur, for students of Bsc. Jewellery design & Technology on 18/1/2020, saturday

The Museum is one of a kind in the country which is fully dedicated to Gems and Jewellery. Gyan Museum orbits around the assortments of the naturalist, collector and gemologist Late Mr. Gyan Chand Ji Dhaddha (1940-2004). It is a tribute to the legend who in the world that he foresaw formulated his own media. Gyan Museum is not just about the collections of the time bygone, instead it is a place where ideas for the Gyan Jewels are envisioned and conceptualized into magnificent pieces which depicts the history. Inspired by the museum antiques, Gyan jewels are created by the Dhaddha family, which delivers the magnificence of the collection in the form of exquisite pieces of jewelry. This is an exclusive collection of limited edition pieces that possesses the unsurpassed excellence, passion and refinement of its founder Gyan Chand Dhaddha.


Gyan, a leading museum in Jaipur, houses over 2,500 treasured pieces including textiles, paintings, antique jewellery, and objet d'art from India and around the world, dating back to over 3,000 years. The museum showcases the tapestries, paintings and antiques collected by Mr. Gyan during his life span. Further, a section of the museum showcases his personal belongings too. It were not the objects that brought life into him, it was he who brought life to the objects.


In the Museum students came to know about International and Indian manufacturers, to know about the latest trends and to show their unique creations to the fraternity. it imparts education in the field of gemstones and jewellery, their classifications, how they are formed, optical properties, causes of colors in gemstones, inclusions, fluorescent minerals, etc as well as process of cutting/polishing of gemstones and manufacturing of various types of jewellery and enhance their knowledge as well as extend their business prospects.


This visit provided our students a lot of idea for designing process. Museum  is an inspiration for the students to enhance their ability and career.


Organizing for: The students of Bsc. Jewellery Design & Technology,

BA/BCom./Bsc. Elective Jewellery Design & Technology & COSD Jewellery

Designing(Certificate & Diploma course & Advance Diploma Course).




Dr. Neeru Jain

(HOD )

Organizing Department : Jewellery Designing