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Visit – A Report

A visit to Khazana Mahal Museum Jaipur


Name of the Department : Jewellery Designing

Date            :         09/11/2022, Wednesday

Time            :         09:30 noon to 2.00 p.m.

Venue          :         Khazana Mahal, Amer, Jaipur.

No. of Participants:   19

The objective of the Event:

  • To know about International and Indian manufacturers,
  • To know about the latest trends and
  • To be acquainted with unique creations of the country.


Department of Jewellery Designing organized a visit to Gyan Museum, Jaipur, for students of Jewellery design & Technology on 09/11/2022, Wednesday

Khazana Mahal is constructed in an area of 12,000 square yards with 3-feet security walls, apart from the manual and high-tech security. The museum is built after restoring a 200-year-old Haveli The Museum is one of a kind in the country which is fully dedicated to Gems and Jewellery.  It leaves behind the footprints of our forefathers who developed this trade in the city and showcased the heritage and present the fascinating story of a stone. Museum has  Ulka Pind, Ramsetu ka Patthar( stone floating on water), Khajuraho art on the prized ruby ​​stone, Shark tooth converted to a diamond, and the Dinosaur`s excreta converted to a diamond. A ring of about 111 kg has also been kept in the Museum. It is made of precious diamonds and gems. Not only this, jewellery worn by Bollywood actors and actresses in famous films has also been showcased at Museum. It is the best window that showcases Coloured Gemstones, Certified Diamonds, Gemstone studded Jewellery, Plain Gold Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, Kundan- Meena Jewellery,Thewa, Sozo Jewellery, Color stone Jewellery, Studded Traditional Jewellery, Contemporary & Fusion Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Studded Handcrafted Jewellery, Platinum Jewellery, Machinery & Tools, Trade Publications, Designer Jewellery and Accessories.


In the Museum students came to know about International and Indian manufacturers, to know about the latest trends and to show their unique creations to the fraternity. it imparts education in the field of gemstones and jewellery, their classifications, how they are formed, optical properties, causes of colors in gemstones, inclusions, fluorescent minerals, etc as well as process of cutting/polishing of gemstones and manufacturing of various types of jewellery and enhance their knowledge as well as extend their business prospects.

Outcome of the event:

This visit gave our students a lot of knowledge of gemstones and their origins. Museum  is an inspiration for the students to enhance their ability and career.