Workshop : Fashion Jewellery Making

Workshop : Fashion Jewellery Making

Name of the Department/Discipline: Jewellery Designing

Date: 27th -28th April 2022

Venue: IIS(deemed to be University)

No. of Participants:26

Objective of the Event:

To learn fashion jewellery making using mouldit and clay.

To learn jewellery making using Resigns.


The department of Jewellery designing organized a fashion jewellery workshop for jewellery designing students. During the workshop, students got the opportunity to learn all the phases of fashion jewellery making using  mouldit, resign, tissue paper beads, hook, findings, gem stones and other materials.

The fashion jewellery making expert Ms. RashmiAgarwal choose to make the beautiful pieces like necklace, Rings, Pendants, Bangles and earrings etc according to their interest.  The  aim of this activity to increase the creativity as well as employability among learners  so that they can create their own fashionable jewellery and they can commercialized this beading art and open new boundaries for job seekers. They can start their own business with small capital and can give employments to others.

In the beginning session, Dr. Neeru Jain, Head, Department of Jewellery designing, IISU, introduced the students with the tools, materials required for Fashion Jewellery. She also acquainted the students with advantages of fashion jewellery making.

The students participated enthusiastically in the workshop and it was an informative and creative workshop which imbibe technical skills and knowledge amongst the students.

Outcome of the workshop:

  • Students learned all the phases of fashion jeweller making using mouldit and clay.
  • Students can commercialise this art and can start their own business with small capital and can give employments to others