Annual Report of Textile Guild of Session 2014-15


     Textile guild was found in the year 1998. Its aim is to enhance the creative skills of the students and to interpret those skills on fabrics. The objectives of Textile Guild are to organize various activities for students to promote their aesthetic sense towards design, color and market scenario

Teachers Co-ordinates

  •  Ms. Sunetra Datt
  •  Ms. Isheeta Chaturvedi


  • To prepare entrepreneurial skills amongst the students
  • To make beautiful articles in striking design and bright colors.
  •  To develop the students intellectual and creative design skills.
  • To enrich the students with the knowledge of various textures

Guild Activities of Session 2014-15


Proposed Activity/ Workshop/ Visit

Article/ Summary

13th September 2014


Tie & Dye (Shibori & Rucking)



11th October 2014


  Ribbon & paper flower making




1st November 2014


Screen Printing




20th  December 2014


 Fashion Accesiories


Hair Styling and braiding


10th January 2015

Surface Ornamentation

Embroidery and textured t-shirts (redesigning)

Textile guild was founded with aim to enhance the creative skills of the students and to interpret those skills on fabrics. The objectives of Textile Guild are to organize various activities for students to promote their aesthetic sense towards design and colour.


Date: 13th September 2014

Activity: Tie & Dye (Shibori & Rucking)

As a part of textile guild, Development of stoles through tie & dye method was conducted in Textile lab by Ms. Isheeta Chaturvedi . Various methods of tie & dye like lehariya, knotting, marbeling, tritik, shibori, cord, etc. were taught using two color in direct dye on cotton fabric. Students also used various material like cereals, pulses, all pins, hair pins, ice- cream sticks to develop various textures on the fabric. Tie & dye is a method to play with various materials and objects available and to develop new designs and textures. It was a great learning experience and activity for the students.

Date: 11th October 2014

Activity: Ribbon & paper flower making

Textile guild activity on ribbon & paper flower making was conducted by Ms. Sunetra Datt (Assistant Professor). The activity was conducted keeping in mind that flowers are a major part of decoration and interiors of a house, and recycling of materials present in house is the major concern. The materials used here were colored papers and different ribbons of various width. It was a creative session and students popped up with various ideas.

Date: 1st November 2014

Activity: Screen/ Block Printing

Table runners and panels were prepared in the textile guild activity using screen/block printing method. The resource person was Ms. Sunetra Datt (Assist. Professor), who expertise in various printing and designing techniques. The panels were designed on various themes like abstract, geometrical, ethnic designs, etc. vibrant to pastel colors were used by the students in designing the panels. A very creative and lastest creation of panel was developed which was very well appreciated.

Date: 20th  December 2014

Activity: Fashion Accessories

A demonstration on hair styling and braiding was conducted as textile guild activity, keeping in mind that the students are very much interested in hair styling and braiding using various fashion accessories these days. The resource person for the demonstration was Ms. Rupal Jain who thought various hair styling like donut bun, French bun, using waist stockings to create hair style, and three four different hair braiding techniques. the students showed a lot of enthusiasm and tried their hand on the same. The activity had a lot of energetic environment by students as well as the faculty members.

Date : 10th January 2015                             

Activity: Surface Ornamentation (T-shirt designing by use of various textures and embroideries)

As a part of textile guild, surface designing activity was conducted in Textile lab by Ms. Sunetra Datt and Ms. Isheeta Chaturvedi (Assistant Professors). Materials like fabric waste, paper scraps, variety of threads, vegetables, sponge, dry brushes etc. were used to create textures and different kind of embroideries were tought to the students to design the waste t-shirts or to redesign the t-shirts. The activity seemed to be very innovative as the students came up with their innovative ideas and they experimented with the colors and materials available to them. The activity saw a high energy and enthusiasm in the students and turned to be a very productive session.